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Extend the life of your frame by changing your hood before it's too late!

When the hood gets old it begins to split on the sides above the window.... at this point it should be changed! By trying to get an extra year out of your hood, it will split even more allowing water into the seals causing damp, mouldy and wet seats. The hidden damage is the rust which is killing your frame and causing the tension cables to break.

"Trying to extend the life of your hood reduces the life of the frame"

A new frame from mazda costs £800!

Any splits on the hood can cause the rubbers to fill up with water and as lots of you probably know, when you go round that corner or round-about it ends up all over your leg, so now you know the reason why this happens.... its not the rubber but the small cracks in the hood.

Hard tops reduce the life of a hood...
They make the hood shrink when the hard top is on the car. It's like leaving a pair of jeans in a garden shed over the winter, hot, cold and damp, would you expect them to fit nice and snug as they did last summer?
The best position for a hood is stretched up over the frame.

Also the difference between vinyl and mohair apart from the obvious appearance is that the mohair cloth does not suffer from splitting in the usual places.
PLEASE remember do not take your hoods down below 8'C, i.e. no hats and scarves on the motorway. At this temperature your hood will split.

General care of the hood when taking down or putting up:
1 - unclip
2 - unzip the rear window
3 - lay the window flat and if you can protect with a towel or cover
4 - put hood down

and in reverse
1 - pull hood up
2 - zip up rear window
3 - tension clips on last

Always remember tensions off first and on last. If you don't do it in this order your zip on the window will break or the stitching will come away from the window or if you don't unzip your window it just simply will split.
If you don't protect your window you will end up with scratches and scuffs, never put through a car wash.
To clean the rear window, use white spirit to get rid of the dirt and rubbish. To clean off the white spirit and get that nice window back, use a liquid window cleaner and finish with a polish like Sparkle/Pledge and always use a clean non abrasive cloth!

A rusty frame..
causes broken cables..
and a split hood.
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